Digital Activation through Mail Newspapers

The Power Of Mail Newspapers As Digital Activators

Driving customers online is frequently a key objective for advertisers but that journey is often a complex one and there are a number of factors at play that can influence browsing behaviour and the websites that consumers ultimately end up at.

Mail Connected have been working with an independent research agency to understand more about the role that print plays in digital activation and specifically the role which The Mail can play in Influencing consumers’ online decision making processes.

Key findings from the study:

• The study showed that Mail readers are over 3 times more likely to visit an advertiser’s website having been exposed to advertising in the paper compared to respondents who did not read the paper. So it is now a proven fact that advertising in The Mail strongly influences reader’s subsequent online browsing behaviour – ultimately driving millions of valuable high spending consumers to advertiser’s websites.

• Advertising in The Mail also tends to drive traffic more directly to a brand’s website. These direct-to-brand online journeys help advertisers to really stand –out by simply avoiding the inherent complex nature of search engines such as Google.

• Not only does advertising in The Mail drive traffic directly to websites, but these interactions also lead to increased online activity and purchase consideration. In fact nearly half (48%) of respondents went on to do further research after the initial online activity was registered.

Mail Newspapers offers a highly trusted environment for advertisers and we know that our readers believe what they read in the paper..

• This unique media channel is very valuable on a Sunday as we know that our readers read their paper for longer and are in the mood to buy. Media consumption behaviour and patterns on Sundays bring the mediums of newspapers and online into very complementary roles which provide a great opportunity for advertisers wishing to drive traffic online through newspaper advertising.

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